1.1. On this cookie policy, we will be presenting to you a comprehensive detailing of how we will use cookies for provision of our services to you. This is needed to ensure that you know, and you acknowledge your consent on our usage of cookies and your rights with regards to them.



2.1. Cookies are small units of data that are comprised of details that may be downloaded by your device (computer, smartphone etc.) as you access our website. Cookies are retained for our servers to identify your device the next time you visit.

2.2. Cookies are little markers that remember your choices such as language preference and input data to automatically fill forms. They make your device recognisable so that you may navigate more smoothly and thus efficiently within our website.

2.3. For more information on cookies, you may go to http://allaboutcookies.org.



3.1. The following are the types of cookies that may be utilised in the period of our provision of service to you:

3.1.1. Session Cookies (also referred to as “in-memory cookies”) – cookies that last as long as your session in our website lasts. Cookies of this type are normally erased once you close your browser.

3.1.2. Strictly Necessary Cookies – as the name indicates, are essential cookies that we use so that you may navigate around our website and enable you use our services. This type of cookies will be automatically activated once you enter our website.

3.1.3. Persistent Cookies (also referred to as “tracking cookies”) – cookies that, unlike session cookies, are not erased upon the closing of your browser. They are the type of cookies that store information for every time you visit our website for as long as the creator wants to. They are useful for advertisers and legitimate purposes as they can retain information such as web browsing activities and they can also keep a user logged in by automatically filling login details every time you open a browser.

3.1.4. Compliance Cookies – cookies that help to meet our regulatory compliance obligations. Such obligations include anti-fraud and anti-money laundering obligations. These types of cookies aid in preventing hacking and the like. These cookies will be automatically activated once you enter our website.

3.1.5. Secure Cookies – cookies that may only be transmitted through an encrypted connection which means it is more secure and less vulnerable to cookie theft.

3.1.6. Functionality Cookies – cookies that allow for a customised service. These cookies remember your choices like persistent cookies. Functionality cookies also allow you access other features such as commenting on blogs.

3.1.7. Performance Cookies – cookies that assess your web browsing activities much like persistent cookies. They make sure that the performance of our web service is good by gathering aggregated information which means your browsing activity will remain anonymous.

3.1.8. Third Party Cookies – cookies that are owned by third parties. We do not or control this type of cookies and therefore may open up opportunities for parties other than us to track your web browsing activities. These cookies are activated when you access a third parties’ websites or embedded content in our website.

3.2. You acknowledge that we may use any of the mentioned cookies above to augment provision of our service to you.

3.3. In case you do not agree to us using these cookies, you are to stop using our website and services or change your browser settings.



4.1. You have the options of blocking cookies if you wish to continue using our website and services without giving your cookies.

4.2. To block cookies, simply change your preferences in your browser settings. You may still access our website however there may be features that will not be available due to this restriction.

4.3. Absolute blocking of cookies will render our website inaccessible.

4.4. On initial access of our website, some or all of the cookies mentioned above may be issued. You may change the settings prior to the access through your browser settings.



5.1. As a part of our marketing, we may partner up with a third-party ad network. We may do this to optimise our marketing and advertising and also to manage our website. Such third party may utilise cookies to customise advertising to your preference. You may choose to disable this feature however you will still be seeing the standard ads.

5.2. We may use Google AdSense or similar services for the publication of ads on our website. This means that cookies may be used to customise the ads you see to your preference. You may choose to disable this feature by accessing the Advertising and Privacy page of Google.