Payoma Classic account
No need to worry about conversion fees, money safety or managing your transactions.

Payoma solves all your problems. Now you can share money without fees, open multiple wallets and store as much currencies as you want.

Accept payments from A-Z

Other users can send you funds using Payoma advantages.

There are 2 general ways to send money to another user:

  • Directly send money to existing user via personal area using personal wallet
  • Directly send money to existing user via personal area using credit card

And there one more advanced way:

  • Send money to a user who is not registered in Payoma system yet

After sending money using this method, the recipient will notified about incoming payment and get instructions on how to receive your transfer.

Get your account
  • Create multiple wallets
    Each Payoma user can create multiple wallets using only one registered account
  • Create multi-currency wallets
    Create a separate wallet for each currency and get rid of conversion fee
  • Register Credit Cards
    Attach credit cards to your account and make your payments more convenient
  • Register Bank Account
    Want to use your bank account? Register it in your personal area and use it for payments
  • Make payments
    Send money to your friends, family, co-workers and anyone else. There is no boundaries or restrictions.
Paying with your Payoma account in shops of our partners take only few clicks
Each year we pass by our PCI DSS exam to deliver best security practises for your needs
User Friendly
Payoma is very simple to use and understand, all thanks to our new modern personal area cabinet
Our support team is always there when you need them to help.
System use is absolutely free of charge. Only small fee for you direct payments
More inside
After registration and verification you will get full access to powerful features.