Accept digital payments
Using Payoma for digital payments, your e-shop can accept credit cards: Visa, MasterCard and direct payments from personal wallets. If your customer already has an account with us, it takes them only a few clicks to make a payment.
Multiple wallets and Multiple currencies
Business accounts can create multiple wallets to separate payments and accept all currencies online. All wallets can be attached to different currencies or only to one – you choose.
Flexible fee system
Business customers can get better fee programs depending on monthly turnover and also manage fees for payments. You can include the fee into the payment sum or make it additional, for the user to pay.
  • Data security
    Secure and powerful infastructure to store your payments
  • Simple integration
    Our open API is very simple for integration but has powerful tools for convenient work
  • All currencies in one place
    No need to convert payments to local currencies, now you can store all currencies in one account
  • Friendly support
    Our support team will always help you with your questions
Our customers can save their credit card and pay to merchants directly from website.