Individual opportunities
Individual accounts allow creating multiple wallets and separating them by currency to get rid of conversion fee. No limits for the wallet count, create as many as you need to store your funds safely and in order.
Business opportunities
The multi-wallet system is especially convenient for business accounts to organize the finance flow. For example, one wallet can be used for direct payments and another for payments made by API.

It is also very practical to create a separate wallet for each currency if you are planning to get payments across the globe without conversion fee.
Payoma has many partners across the globe, which are very kind to give us opportunity to integrate their powerful digital features and we will be very happy to give our customers ability to integrate e-commerce solutions with this powerful services and tools

In nearest future we will inform our customer about new features and give detailed documentation how to use them.

Data analysis
Analyze all your digital payments, create goals and make more convenient ways for your customers to make payments.
Notification system
Get instantly notifications about your system status, payments and user database.
Create and manage discount coupons. We will manage all the hard work about your coupons.
Want to get payment each month or week from your customers without bothering them? Set date, period and funds amount.
Virtual Credit Card
Create your own virtual credit card, upload and withdraw funds and most important - use it as your real credit card.
Pre-paid Credit Card
For all account types - create and get via post credit card with custom design and assigned to Payoma wallets.